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Finding a Venue

Why its important:

One of the hardest parts of cultivating a community in your area is finding a place to consistently meet and practice. Gloving is a lot of muscle memory, so it is important to lab and share ideas with other community members on a regular basis. Locations need to be large enough to hold your guests and in safe locations that are easy to reach. Please be mindful of the people around you as gloving is often accompanied by music & melted faces

Finding a Venue global gloving network

What are the benefits:

- People have a safe & consistent place to flow.
- Glovers who are not part of the community can easily find meetups & connect with you and others in your area
- A good venue helps establish the meetup’s unique personality or brand
- Venues can be used for anything from a basic FNL, to BOSS competitions, or Club Gloves.

Places to go:

  • Your Home

It’s not always easy cramming people into your house, but it is often the simplest solution. If you can have your home open to 20+ people, twice a month, this will save you time, energy, and most of all, money when it comes to Locations. Make sure it’s a safe environment for guests & yourself. Hide Valuables and other things you may not want to get damaged, Flails aren’t the safest moves in the world.

  • A Local Park/Beach

A lot of times a small park or public grassy area is usually the best bet for you and your groups. Parks provide the most exposure for the public as you’ll often have passersby with children wondering what you are all doing. Whether it’s the winter or the summer, you’ll have grassy areas to rest your knees on, free water, and plenty of space. Find a local park that’s okay with having you out, be courteous of the city’s rules and curfews, and be a friendly group that doesn’t cause issues. This is not a year-round solution, as most months it might be too cold to set up outside.

One thing about Local parks, often times you’ll have to set up something with the city if you want to have more than 20 people in one spot on a consistent basis, typically a special event permit or just giving proper notice ahead of time so police don’t get upset.  We recommend searching for your cities policies on these matters. Usually can be found by googling “How To Host Events in Park [Your City Name Here]”

  • Dance Studios

The next step up could be renting out a dance studio for an evening. Usually Dance Studios are very open to young people using their space, for a fee. Each studio varies in price & requirements so the first steps would be to locate a studio you like, then call them to see what they would need! If you mention you are part of a national organization that is working to set these up across the country that may prove helpful in reducing or maybe even eliminating the cost as well. 

  • School Cafeterias/Classrooms

One thing that many collegiate glovers do is use a school classroom or cafeteria space to host their events/FNL’s. Typically this is joined up with a chapter of AMBIENCE at their school, the National College Glover Program, but can be done without an Ambience Chapter if you are a member of that school/know people there. Talk to your School Administrator or Counselor to figure out if anything can be done on campus.

Other Regions & Leaders Who've Made Good Use Of Local Venues:

  • Honolulu, Hawaii - Local Boxing Ring
  • Salt Lake City, Utah - Leaders House
  • Phoenix, Arizona - Local Park


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Written By: Alex (Cypher)
Last Updated: 9/17/2016