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What is the Facemelt Crew?

Facemelt Crew is every glovers dream. Going to a festival with a single mission: Destroy as many minds as possible? Sign me up. As a GGN leader, you have the ability to bring Facemelt Crews to your cities & provide opportunities for local glovers to join in on FMC.

Why is the Facemelt Crew important for GGN?
- For most Glovers, FMC is the overall goal. An opportunity to be a part of something larger, with friends and festivals - Melting faces & having fun
- FMC at a festival brings flow artists together. Creating meetups & bonds while having fun
- FMC is often seen as the top of the heap for light shows. If you find a FMC member, you know you're in for a good show!

Some of the most successful Facemelt Crews have created long-lasting friendships between members. From awesome, well-received festivals like EDC , all the way to an incredibly difficult TomorrowWorld, FMC has seen it all. Throughout each, we've managed to create a festival experience like no other. As a GGN leader, it's your turn to pass the torch.

What does FMC look like? 
Check out the documentary series following our most successful crews, "Adventures In Facemelting"
EDC 2015

Hard Summer

What Does FMC in my area get?
You as a leader will be in charge of distributing the supplies necessary to host a crew. Emazinglights sends out the official FMC jerseys to you, its up to you how you want to pick members & create crews. You can have open tryouts, sign ups, or tournaments where people win a spot on the crew. Beyond that, EL will help you promote & share all the awesome content you get while out at the festival

What a Facemelt Crew member will typically get:

  • Official Facemelt Crew T-Shirts
  • 20 Batts (Per Day of Festival)
  • 1 Pair of Whites (per day of festival)
  • FMC Business Cards (so you can promote your codes and personas to people)
  • Lanyards 
  • Stickers

NOTE: Level 2's are currently the only GGN regions applicable to begin hosting Facemelt Crews/ If you want to get a Crew to a festival near you, talk to your regional coordinators (Alex & Sean) about how to get started.  

What does Emazing expect of me while im on FMC?
Facemelt Crew is all about having fun. Even so, 1 bad apple can spoil the bunch, so there are a couple important things that we need from you as a Facemelt Crew member:

#1) You are not to look "too fucked up" or be anything less than presentable during the festival. You are a brand ambassador and leader for the community. If you can't handle your fun, you can't be part of the crew

#2) You must stay with the crew. You & the team are ride or die for the festival. Stick together & make sure everyone is accounted for. You should all travel in a pack and hunt for souls to steal together, giving shows is half the fun, the rest is all part of the experience you share as the crew!

#3) Get a group photo. You guys will need to get a group photo of the entire crew together at the festival, with your matching FMC tees on. This is what we will use to promote you guys on the website, and will be what we show other potential FMC members in the future. If you fail to get into the group photo, you will not be considered for future festivals, make sure you are in there!

So how do i set up for a FMC?
First things first, you need to fill out THIS APPLICATION.

  • The application is mandatory for anyone looking to be part of the Facemelt Crew. The EL marketing team will review all applicants and set up a crew for the festival of your choice when the time comes. EL picks the festivals it will be attending in advance, at the beginning of each year, so if you have one you want to go to, talk to your GGN coordinators to learn how to get started

4.2 "Competitions" ->

Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
Last Updated: 9/17/2016