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Connecting With Other Glovers & Flow Artists

One of the biggest challenges you will face as a leader is meeting & creating brand-new glovers in your area. Creating new glovers, or introducing new people to Gloving, is the most important factor when developing your community. Your city may have a healthy amount of Flow Artists together already, but it always helps to find new talent floating around. 

What are the benefits?

  • More members interested in your community.
  • More people contributing makes a stronger community overall
  • Glovers level up from practicing and explaining moves to new glovers.
  • Allows people to have a safe space to learn without judgement or doubt, for both mentors and beginners.

How to:

  • Show people gloving in person.  Videos hardly do the art justice, if you’re able to get someone to a Gloving meetup, and get them to mingle with other good glovers, chances are they’ll be interested.
  • Learn the basics. By mastering the fundamentals like finger rolls, stacks, and whips, you can offer good examples for other learn from.
  • Always have an extra pair of gloves. People often want to glove but don’t own their own set. By keeping an extra set handy, the new glover does not feel like he’s gloving alone, and you can lead by example as you teach.
  • Glove everywhere. Throwing finger shows on the way to class or when you’re hanging out with friends will only make you a better glover. People will also notice, and soon, you’ll be known as the resident glover on campus.
  • Record your meetups and competitions. Create recap videos or spotlights for the really good Glover’s in your area, and show it to people who are new to gloving. If you do it right, they won’t want to miss out on the next meetup.
  • People who like Video Games & Movies usually like Gloving, so if you have a friend who fits the bill, send them an invite to your next FNL!

Other Regions & Leaders Do Well at Creating New Glovers
- Empire Flow- The New York Gloving Community
- Seattle Gloving Community
- MN Gloving Community


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Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
Last Updated: 1/18/2017