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Competitions are a huge part of the gloving community. Since their inception back in '09, Competitive Gloving has defined the generations of light shows each and every time someone steps in the ring. From Jedi Knights ('09), to BOSS ('10), to IGC ('11), we've seen a huge advancement in not just the moves, but the structures of each tournament. Glovers compete so much now that its moved from just the physical in-store competitions, to online competitions run by community leaders, such as FABLE, and GMO.

Running a tournament on your own is easy. Here's some of the things you need to know.

You Need Staff

  • Tournament Organizers: You should have 3 dedicated assistants for the day -
    • Head Judge - This will be your main organizer. They are in charge of managing your judges team, as well as making final calls on match debates. They should have experience as a judge & be able to manage a group of people.
    • Runner - This will be the person helping collect scorecards from all the judges, and help get information from the Head Judge to the rest of the judge team when necessary. All scorecards should be turned in to the Runner, who then delivers them to the head judge/person who is collecting & counting them
    • Check-In Person / General Assistant - Have one person help with check ins and any other miscellaneous things like getting judges food & water, etc.
  • Judges: They will need these scorecards
    • You should be ready to have at least 1 judge per match (2 if possible, is best).
  • Compensation - Emazing typically provides $20 store credit, food & water. Your venue/team might be more inclined to give a free ticket to the night event + a drink or two vs cash. Whatever is reasonable for you & your team

You Need Supplies

  • Here's a quick list of all the things we usually bring to competitions
    (If you don't have some of it, no worries, It's possible to run a tournament without these, it would just make life very easy if you had the following) -

You Need Music

  • Typically, we employ 1 DJ for the entirety of the competition (4-6 Hours depending on size of competitor list)
  • We select the music by genre per round, have the DJ chop up the track according to our cue points, and then just have them play/pause the tracks during the competition. This way every competitor has a fair chance, instead of one person getting polka music and the second person getting dubstep. 
  • Format - 1:30 rounds. 2:00 for finals (top 4), the tracks should all be cued according to those times.
  • You can check out previous BOSS Music playlists, here.

You Need Video

  • Have someone with a DSLR get coverage of each match ( iPhone 6s is a safe alternative if no other options are available ).  
  • Get names of each competitor for future release. If you provide videos to EL, we may post it to our social & promote your event/venue/company.

 Click Here for 4.3 "Club Glove" ->

Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
Last Updated: 9/17/2016