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What is Club Glove?

Club Glove is your night to shine. Imagine a night where you can glove in peace. A night where you're the focus and people look forward to seeing you there. The mission of Club Glove: to create an environment where you can throw lights all night in the company of like-minded glovers, light show artists and club-goers.

EmazingLights Club Glove
What Are The Benefits?
They bring a safe & legitimate place to glove at
- Clubs are the perfect atmosphere to expose new people to Light Shows & the art of Gloving
- It gives your city something to look forward to, something other cities don't have

As a GGN Leader, you are able to bring Club Glove to your hometown. We will work with you in finding a venue & setting up dedicated Glover nights there. What we bring, is hundreds (potentially) of eager performers who bring a unique aesthetic to their glove. What the club should provide, is ample space, and a discounted price for those performers. In the end, we promote each other, and the event in general, and both the venue and all the other glovers, win.

Club Glove's happen every month for some regions such as Hawaii & Colorado. Mostly due to the fact that every single one of them does very well in those areas, but also due to the great amount of support that each GGN leader puts into those events. They stay on top of promotion, are in contact with the venue owners themselves, and make sure that all the glovers in their area are aware & attending the event. When the club promoters are happy, so is everyone else

If you're interested in hosting a Club Glove, all it takes is picking out a few different venues that you think are good (18+ preferred), and talk to your regional coordinator about setting one up. Club Gloves are also great events to promote GGN & Vend Wholesale merchandise at as well, just something to keep in mind.

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Written By: Alex (Cypher) 
Last Updated: 9/17/2016