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What is Gloving? Intro to Gloving

Welcome to the wonderful world of gloving and LED lights! You may have seen some of our products at a music festival / rave / party or perhaps you were scouring youtube and you landed upon a certain bunny giving a light show?!

Luckily for us that grabbed your attention long enough to get you to this page where you will find our beginers guide to getting started with light shows! Please begin by watching this awesome video our team has created for new people =)

Now that you have some background on the light show scene and should have an understanding of how gloving works you can now read into more detail here: (Guide section)

Now that you have decided on what lights you need to get started its time to PRACTICE! Please see our extensive tutorial section to learn the basics of gloving and some advanced moves! (Tutorial Section)

Light shows have been primariliy an underground art form which originated from the rave scene. Gloving and light shows have evolved past a thing you do at parties into a true art form. Gloving is practiced by thousands across the world and everyday new moves and tecniques are created to further the art form. Please check out the following video to see our perspective =)