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4.0 Intermediate

Once you’ve mastered the basics, this is where you need to be. This section teaches lots of concepts and develops the mentality you need to understand the basics of a show. Most everything here builds on the basics you learned in the Beginner section.

Digits & Finger Connections

A Concept that increases finger dexterity & strength, that also helps you develop your own unique flow. Learn to transition through different moves seamlessly, and create a more fluid range of motion with your hands.

Digits & Finger Connections ->

Whips & Tunnels

Whips & Tunnels are the backbone of modern Gloving. Learn how to throw your viewer down an endless whirlpool of light trails to really disorient and draw your audiences eyes in.

Whips & Tunnels ->

Wave Tutting

Tech meets Flow, Wave Tutting is all about creating infinite movement with your technical concepts. Use wave tutting when you want to create smoother transitions between your concepts, while making your tech pop.

Wave Tutting ->

Intermediate Finger Rolls

So you've got the basics of the Finger Roll down. Are you ready to take the next step? Learn variations of the classic Finger Roll Movement to add more moves to your arsenal.

Intermediate Finger Rolls ->

King Tutting

Finger Tuts are all about manipulating small boxes with just your fingers and hands. King tutting opens up a bit more and uses your arms, shoulders, and the rest of your body together to take those boxes out into more space

King Tutting ->


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