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Current Team Tags: [HS], (Ayo?), [iD], [FUCK]

Competitions Won: Nov. BOSS ‘12

Years Gloving: 4

From: Whittier, CA

This year, one dark horse is riding in high with full confidence and fresh lights. With four years of active gloving under his belt alongside some of the most respected glover families, Arcade is coming out of retirement ready to take on anyone, despite not being active in the last year. Though he only holds only one BOSS title, let it be known that he has never NOT made the Top 16 in any competition he’s entered.

The first thing you notice about an Arcade show is his incredibly steady hands. His finger tuts and isolations are sharp and pristine, making his moves look almost robotically controlled along a set track... digits and passthroughs are his prime. His skills earned him a great deal of respect in the gloving scene, too. In 2011, he got sent on paid trips to glove for EmazingLights at Ultra Music Festival and Identity Festival.

When he was first starting, Arcade remembers seeing his friends light up faces with strap-on finger lights and loving it from day one. He said he knew he was serious about gloving when he started the crew Handsquad [HS] in 2009. “Everyone in the family had so much passion at the time,” Arcade said. “We wanted to get up there with (Ayo?), [PM], and [LOL]. And it was not easy back in those days.”


Current Team Tags: (Ayo?), Team [e]

Competitions Won: BOSS Invitationals ‘11, Feb. BOSS ‘14

Years Gloving: 4

From: Ontario, CA

He might be one of the quieter guys in the room, but when he puts his lights on, you realize why his name is Boo: his gloving is scary-sick to watch. He’s really good at figuring out weird ways to put simple concepts together - for example, in his classic “Homeboy” video, he has one move that combines pokes, finger flails and a wave to create this sort of ticking wave (2:49-2:53) Three very simple concepts came together into something awesome and influential - this move was quickly copied by glovers everywhere.

For Boo, positivity and creativity go hand in hand when it comes to creating great glovers. “A light show is an art form with no limits,” Boo said.

Boo has been shaking up competitions pretty much since the beginning. He beat out (Ayo?) Stunna in the BOSS Invitationals Finals in 2011, and proved it again three years later against [PM] Cypher in this year’s Feb. BOSS. He says he is motivated to keep gloving by the people who come up and tell him that he has personally inspired them. “It’s the people who tell me, ‘Oh, your Cheshire Cat video’ or, ‘your Minion video inspired me to start gloving.’”


Current Team Tags: [PM], [FML], [MOB], [WRG]

Competitions Won: March BOSS ‘13

Years Gloving: 4

From: La Verne, CA

Dazed is the master of light, clean flow. When you watch his shows, you feel totally locked in with him because he consistently emphasizes each beat with just the right amount of attitude and grace. He’s definitely one of the swaggiest Legends in the mix. It helps that he tends to choose great songs to glove to - certainly an overlooked asset in competitive gloving. It will be cool to see how musicality helps him this year, especially with the new 2014 scorecard.

Throughout the last year, EmazingLights started filming more featured light shows at special locations outside the studio. Dazed got to record his "Mr. October" show on a rooftop in San Pedro, CA overlooking an industrial bay, and it turned out awesome. Dazed said this was one of the craziest places gloving had ever brought him. “Never in a million years would I have thought Emazing would drive me somewhere for a feature,” Dazed said.

Dazed wants glovers to remember that improvement doesn’t happen overnight, it takes practice and dedication. “Don’t stress yourself out because it takes time,” Dazed said. “We were all like that at some point.” He also thinks improvement is also driven by the competitive side of gloving. “I remember my first time entering BOSS I made it to Top 8. After that, it made me want to practice more and get better.”


Current Team Tags: [PM], [TM], [CC], [ION], [FML]

Competitions Won: April BOSS ‘13

Years Gloving: 4

From: Oceanside, CA

If there’s one guy who has undoubtedly changed the tutting game for glovers, it’s Gambit. Right when he hit the scene, he was creating unique angles and combos that forced everyone to expand how they thought about tutting. Since then, he’s worked in the elements of showmanship and musicality, earning his place as one of the most respected glovers in the nation.

He is also probably one of the friendliest people in the scene. Aside from the fact that, if he won, he said he would donate the $750 first place prize to less-fortunate glovers, he just generally brings a positive attitude wherever he goes. And it’s contagious: he recently got back from visiting the Texas gloving scene, where he was instantly treated like a brother and shown true hospitality. “Emazinglights Cali and Dallas really showed me that no matter where you’re from we are still one big community,” Gambit said.

As a glover, Gambit can’t get enough of trading, and he plans to do a lot more before IGC to get himself ready. “Trading, trading, and after trading, I trade some more!” Gambit said. “The best way [to practice], I believe, is to throw as many shows as you possibly can and learn as many concepts as possible to expand on the ones you lack. Practice makes perfect.”


Current Team Tags: [PM], [MOB], Team [e]

Competitions Won: Dec. BOSS ‘12

Years Gloving: 5

From: Los Angeles, CA

It’s entirely possible that gloving would no longer exist today if not for Gummy. Whether it was the conception of the Bunny mask, his robotic digits and finger rolls, or his on-point musicality, Gummy found over 3.5 million faces to melt on YouTube when he released “The Bunny Show” in 2009 - now the single most viewed gloving video of all time.

Gummy saw some of the earliest gloving videos that ever hit the net. Today, even with the progression towards competitive gloving, he still thinks the most important aspect is the idea of putting on a show. His advice to glovers is to maintain uniqueness. “Try creating as much as you possibly can before watching someone else's video for help,” Gummy said. “There's nothing worse than being just like everyone else.”

He stays motivated to keep gloving by the many strangers who come up to him and tell him he’s changed their lives. “I'm lucky enough to be in the position where people tell me that I was an inspiration.”

Gummy hasn’t competed in a long time, though he still gloves often. It should be very interesting to see what this Legend has in store this year!

Ice Kream Teddy

Current Team Tags: [PM] [MOB] [TM]

Competitions Won: Jan. BOSS ‘12, Oct. BOSS ‘12, BOSS Invitationals ‘13, May BOSS ‘13

Years Gloving: 6

From: Huntington Beach, CA

No matter what happens this IGC, you have to give it up for Ice Kream Teddy for completely devoting himself to competitive gloving for the last 6 years. He has placed Top 16 at all three IGCs, two of which he placed Top 4. On the BOSS Competition circuit, he has outright won four events and placed Top 3 at nine. Yes, TOP 3 at NINE BOSSES. The only thing missing for him is that coveted IGC title.

Teddy probably spends as much time developing Gloving education as he does gloving. He contributed a lot of insight to the new judge’s scorecard this year, helping the community define exactly what it means to throw a fire light show. He’s also creating the first true Gloving Support Center for EmazingLights, (coming soon). So even though he’s been relatively quiet in the video realm, saving up all his best moves for IGC, he’s been working hard in the background developing the future of Gloving.

Teddy is a naturally competitive person, and he believes competition is pushing Gloving forward. “In order for this lifestyle to grow, its needs an endgame, and competition is the easiest way to get that AND push innovation at the same time.”


Current Team Tags: (Ayo?)

Competitions Won: July BOSS ‘11

Years Gloving: 6

From: Pomona, CA

The (Ayo?) legacy lives on as much more than a gloving crew. They’re a family of multi-talented artists who each bring a variety of novel approaches to gloving. As one of the founders of (Ayo?), Mimik brought the value of perfect execution to the table. To this day, he is still known for having some of the cleanest finger rolls and whips in the game. If the key to mastering a skill is to make it look easy, then Mimik is our sensei.

As a competitor, he’s hungry for this year’s title. He won the first official BOSS tournament that was ever held in 2011, and then placed Top 5 in all three IGCs. In the last two IGCs, he’s taken second place to Thumper and Mumbles respectively. He’s got the confidence he needs, too. When asked which Legend he’d want to come up against, he said, “Someone who has more talent than me.”

Overall, Mimik is most respected by fans for being able to simply blow minds in all settings. He consciously switches between “event shows” and “competition shows,” which is dangerous for opponents. He thinks gloving is bound to get big in mainstream society soon. “It's only a matter of time before something like this blows up,” Mimik said. “I see a lot of dumb stuff become a normal thing. Why not something that makes people think and is visually appealing?”


Current Team Tags: (Ayo?)

Competitions Won: Feb. BOSS ‘13, IGC ‘13, Nov. BOSS ‘13

Years Gloving: 5

From: Eastvale, CA

The IGC ‘13 defending champ is back to defend his title. Aside from being one of the most respected glovers in the scene, Mumbles is also the youngest BOSS winner ever, sweeping up the competition at age 13 in 2013. It makes sense, considering he started competing at age 11 at an unofficial BOSS on the day EmazingLights’ West Covina store opened.

As he moves into his teenage years, he’s become a sort of Swiss Army Knife of gloving, able to portray any style at-will with effortless flow and seamless transition. He was one of the pioneers of the “morphing” movement of 2013, a style which attempts to make fluid transitions around a point in space. Since then it’s been hugely influential in all gloving styles, and in defining the glover’s “grid.”

Mumbles is stacked up alongside a bunch of his (Ayo?) brothers this year in the Legends Tournament. He mentioned that last year, he was kind of upset that he had to go against Mimik in the finals. “He’s like a big brother figure to me,” Mumbles said. For him, friendship is a really important aspect of gloving. “Try to have a group of friends that glove, because it’s more fun with your friends involved.”


Current Team Tags: [PM], Team [e]

Competitions Won: IGC ‘11

Years Gloving: 5

From: Walnut, CA

Here’s a Legend who has remained true to his style since day one - a “conjuring” specialist, Munch wears his lights on his fingerprints to make it easier to click them on-and-off during shows. He uses this light switching to animate his gloving with heartbeats, chambers, eating, puking, inserting, and other wacky light magic… you have to see it to really get it.

This year Munch will be defending the very first IGC title ever awarded. Though he has been away from competition for a few years now, he thinks competitive gloving does a lot for progressing the community. For one, it levels people who talk a big game, but besides that, he said it also naturally brings the best glovers together to learn and push each other. Munch said, “It’s a great way for people who are not as good to witness the ones who are.”

Munch doesn’t want to face Arcade, Teddy, Mimik, Gummy, Fry, Boo, Trippz, Cire, Gambit, Boomer or Panda. “The reason why is because I don't want to be the guy that has to break it them that they Lost.”


Current Team Tags: [ION], [PHO], [CC], [iD]

Competitions Won: Dallas May BOSS ‘14

Years Gloving: 3

From: Austin, TX

Since R-Dub is both a red-head and a gloving wizard, he was aptly named after Ron Weasley in Harry Potter. More importantly, though, being a Texan, he represents the only out-of-state competitor in the Legends Tournament. He has worked incredibly hard to become one of the most recognized names in the gloving scene today by helping to develop and expand the concept of “morphing” and just generally having an effortless, stealthy flow.

With R-Dub having just one very recent BOSS title under his belt, this IGC should be a good test to see whether Texas gloving has caught up to the Legends of SoCal. R-Dub said he’d love to come up against Mumbles, who has been a long-time inspiration for him. However, he fears having to face Rhapsode, who apparently melted his face beyond what the Hogwarts Hospital Wing could handle back in July at Friday Night Lights at EmazingLights’ West Covina store.

R-Dub has done a fair bit of traveling, too. Not only has he visited California’s glovers, but he also made it to Electric Forest in Michigan this June and met glovers from [LIT], [TLNT], [AAG] and many other midwest and east coast teams. “What motivates me to keep gloving is just the simple aspect of having fun with it, I really enjoy it... and I really like meeting new people.”


Current Team Tags: [PM], [FML]

Competitions Won: June BOSS ‘13, April BOSS ‘14

Years Gloving: 4

From: Huntington Beach, CA

Rhapsode stands tall among the few glovers who have been consistently gloving since they were young teens. Having hung around glovers since 8th grade, he’s grown to become a) one of the goofiest kids you’ll ever meet, but more importantly, b) a highly feared competitor. Out of all the Legends surveyed, he was the one that most said they did not want to have to face this year. The fear makes sense because, even though he has only won one BOSS title, he has placed Top 3 at five different BOSS competitions and made top 16 at two IGCs. The pressure is on!

Overall, he thinks competition has been a huge asset to the gloving community, especially with online battle networks like the Glover’s Pit and Gloving Masters Online (GMO) inspiring glovers from around the country to get better. “As long as you have a positive attitude towards competing then it will be the best experience for you,” Rhapsode said.

Rhapsode’s style is very eclectic, drawing on many technical and flow-based aspects of gloving, while always inserting personality whenever he can. To prepare for IGC 2014 this year, he’s going to study his old videos and find new ways to re-combine old moves with his current move set. It’s a bold strategy... we’ll see how it pays off.


Current Team Tags: [MM], [TM], [CC], [iD], [MoB], [FS]

Competitions Won: May BOSS ‘12, IGC ‘12

Years Gloving: 4

From: Escondido, CA

When Thumper won IGC in 2012, everyone knew he was ahead of his time. He surprised the IGC crowd with new digit concepts that refreshed all the judges’ eyes - turns out that strategy paid off. With a slow and careful flow, Thumper created new tech that gloving hadn’t yet seen before in competition.

These days, he’s been expanding his tutting game by studying with some of his boxy brothers on Tutting Movement [TM]. He also really looks up to some of the big-name non-gloving tutters out there, like Strobe, P-Nut, TyFingers, Confusion, Droopy and Era. It should be a spectacle to see how his old school digit game combines with his tutting influence as he defends his IGC ‘12 title.

This year, he is hoping for a “fair rematch” against both Mimik and Mumbles, who he faced in the championships of IGC ‘12 and BOSS ‘12 respectively. “I feel they should have won the titles I won against them,” Thumper said. He may get his wish this year.


Current Team Tags: [Team Vivid], {HF}, [@.@]

Competitions Won: July BOSS ‘14

Years Gloving: 5

From: San Jose, CA

Toms is not new to the gloving scene by any means, but recently he’s started to gain traction on the competition circuit. Between his smooth impact style and his focus on showmanship, he took this year’s July BOSS by the horns and blew the place up. [Team Vivid] has always had a very strong legacy in the community, so it’s great that he will be representing them in the Legends Tournament this year.

Toms himself has a love/hate relationship with competitive gloving, as he really enjoys the more casual aspects of trading shows and hanging out. Despite that, he loves how competition pushes glover’s styles. “Competition craves skill, and people will always have a reason to get better.”

Toms was lucky to have grown up with parents who love EDM and got him exposed to flow arts at a very young age. Before gloving, he entertained himself with poi, glow sticks and flowlights, until eventually gloving piqued his interest when he first found a video of it. He bought his first set of Inova lights off his mom’s friend, and the rest was history. “I guess I could say my mom’s friend got me into gloving.”


Current Team Tags: (Ayo?), [FUCK], [S>], [TM], [iD]

Competitions Won: Oct. BOSS ‘11, April BOSS ‘13

Years Gloving: 5

From: Brea, CA

As a kid, Trippz used to watch “America’s Best Dance Crew” on MTV and follow all the up-and-coming teams, aspiring to one day be on that stage himself. This dream actually came true years later after he had discovered gloving - EmazingLights sent him with a small group of top glovers to teach gloving to one of the crews on the show in 2012. “I would have never thought gloving would have got me on that show but it did,” Trippz said. “I was able to meet people I was a huge fan of and actually teach them something.”

Being a lifelong fan of dance, Trippz sets his performance expectations high for both himself and the gloving community. Recently, he’s been building up movements in Gloving’s evolution, including the #BeDifferent Challenge, where glovers nominated each other to post shows that were truly out-of-the-box. He also just started a style-focused team with Team [e] Blitzen called [S>], which stands for Style Over Everything.

It would be an understatement to say that Trippz is grateful for all the places Gloving has brought him. “When I started gloving I never thought much of it other than something fun to do at raves and way to meet some cool cats,” Trippz said. “But it’s a huge platform now. It’s provided me a sponsorship, a job, great friends, and more.”