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Gloving Tutorial

Welcome to EmazingLights Gloving Tutorials!
Here you will learn the basics and foundations to start your gloving journey.

  • Finger Roll

    A finger roll is a foundational move in gloving, involving moving your fingers one
    after the other forming a wave-live effect.

    Beginner Finger Roll
    Intermediate Finger Roll
    Advanced Finger Rolls
  • Liquid / Figure 8

    Liquid involves moving one’s fingers, hands, arms, and body to mimic a continuous flowing wave.
    A Figure 8 is a liquid technique using both hands to create a pattern resembling the number "8."

    Beginner Liquid
    Beginner Figure 8
  • Whips / Flails

    Whips are performed by creating open-handed circular arcs using finger rolls,
    while flails are closed-finger circular movements that mimic the shapes of full circles.

    Beginner Whips
    Beginner Flails
  • Tutting

    Tutting is a grid-based dance that uses the performer's hands, arms,
    and body to make sharp angles that outline box-like shapes.

    Beginner King Tut
    Beginner Finger Tutting
    Beginner Wave Tutting
    Advanced Wave Tutting
  • Digits

    Digiting is bending fingers at the middle point to create new shapes and
    illusions by passing one hand through the open space of another.

    Beginner Digits

    Stacking involves placing one hand out front, then replacing the other hand on
    top while removing the first hand, creating the illusion of a hand staying in place.

    Beginner Stacking

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