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Glove For Glove - Tyler


After eight months, and nine doctors Tyler Ochoa was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Since he was a child, he loved to pop and lock and enjoyed breakdancing. When August 2014 came, Tyler soon learned the Lyme disease would cause nerve damage to his entire left side of his body as well as trigger bone crushing muscle spasms. Then his close friend Joey said “You may not be able to dance like you used to, but you can try something called gloving.”

He was at the time in the hospital and needed something to cope with to fight all his battles. According to Joey “Gloving lets him have the strength to let all my emotions out in a healthy manner.” Since much of his body has nerve damage, he lets his muscle memory takeover when he is performing light shows. “You can feel what he feels when you look into his lights when he gives you a show” says his mom Anita when explaining how gloving lets him display his true emotions. Tyler also realized that the more he Gloves the more his brain releases endorphins that calm down his muscle spasms.