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Glove4Glove - Sari


At the age of 19, Sari was going through one of the most difficult times of her life. She couldn’t keep food or water down and she was underweight. To make matters worse, her friends didn’t leave the house. She just laid in bed, tortured by her brain and her body.

When her emotions triggered, she entered a state called Hypomania, an anxiety attack with crippling, heartbreaking, depression. After eight months of medical diagnosis and countless prescription drugs, nothing was able to take the pain away, except Gloving.

“One day I came across an EmazingLights video on YouTube while I was browsing away for hours," Sari said. "I had seen gloving before, but I had no idea that they existed or what they were doing. It was so beautiful. As my strength came back, I slowly began to start playing with my hands. I’ll never forget the first time I did. The pain stopped. The voices stopped. All the fear and darkness just… stopped. It was just me and my hands and the music, and that’s all that mattered.”