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Glove4Glove - Reston


Reston Turns and some of his friends were really into gloving before his accident and went to many EDM concerts around the Philly area. It was several months after suffering traumatic brain injury that Reston began moving his hands in a way that we realized he was asking for his gloves.

Reston was not yet speaking at this time but confirmed by using a spelling board that he wanted his gloves. Once we found them and brought them to Bryn Mawr Rehab where he was a patient, we would put them on for him and he would just roll his fingers and wave a bit.

But as time went on he began to regain some dexterity in his hands and began practicing again. He would take them to group therapy and Zumba sessions at the rehab and give little demonstrations to the nurses, tech and other patients. Eventually some of the therapist began incorporating his gloving into some of his sessions as it always put a smile on his face.

The accident left him right side dominant so the gloves were helpful in getting him to use his left arm and hand and they continue to this day to be a wonderful tool for increasing his dexterity.

Reston has been home now for four months and goes to the adult day program at Easter Seals three days a week and often uses them to entertain the the troops in his group. We are hoping as he continues his recovery that he will be able to return to the concerts he enjoyed so much. TBI recovery is a long process with no guarantees of how far he will go,but we are confident he will be walking soon and begin to lead a more normal life. There are many people in his life that have been there for him in his journey and gloving has been very instrumental in both his physical and emotional as well. The gloving community has been very supportive as well.