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Glove For Glove - Justin


Throughout his journey, Justin dealt with a syndrome called branchio oto renal. He was born a deformity to the ears and chin. He had to wear "over the head" hearing aids, and a bone conduction. Being a quiet isolated kid in a hearing public school made him feel awkward like trying to fit a cube into a sphere. He yearned for a way to overcome his fear of feeling neglected.

One day he met a few friends that introduced him to the underground rave scene and Gloving. Whether it was a vacant video store or a warehouse, the music and lights cured his depression. For Justin it wasn't about the lyrics, it was a variety of beats that resonated with his soul. He was in adulation that he couldn't describe what he was experiencing. He always felt abnormal after surgery and was searching for a way to cope. The Gloving community along with the rave scene has provided that for him.

“Today, that pain is gone but doesn't mean he has forgotten what it feels like. Children with special needs show us what love is supposed to be. I'm here to send a message to everyone that, it's possible that we can all be loved. That's my dream.”