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Glove4Glove - Jeremy


Jeremy is a young man that struggled with depression for his entire life. After two suicide attempts, he found gloving and used it as a coping mechanism for his condition. Gloving has become the primary creative outlet in his life, and it has provided a source of stability that helps him make friends and meet new people. Through gloving, Jeremy discovered the unbelievable feeling of power that comes with throwing light shows, and the intimate personal interactions that are shared between glover and audience. Recently, he reached out to EmazingLights to tell us what gloving has done for him:

“I love giving light shows so much more than anyone will ever enjoy receiving them," Jeremy said. "I put every ounce of my soul in my light shows. When I give shows to couples I feel their hearts beating as one, me the conductor of that moment they share and will remember forever. When glovers trade light shows we're trading our souls. We put our souls in those shows.”