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Glove For Glove - Christian


Growing up with a physical disability felt like everything was limited. I couldn’t do what abled-bodied people could because I’m in a wheelchair and my body has limited movements. Things changed when I found that I can express myself through art. Music is a big part in my daily routine. I can’t go through a day without Hip Hop and EDM.

Then I discovered the art of gloving. My younger brother introduced me to EDM and gloving. I was mesmerized when I first received a lightshow. It felt like my mind wanted to explode because it was so creative how every move flowed freely and it was very intricate. I love how gloving is another form of expression. When I first tried on a pair of gloves, I felt in control. Although my hands have limited movement, it wouldn’t stop me from being creative and expressing myself with what I am capable of doing.

Gloving helped me with better physical movement with my hands. I’m not the best at gloving (yet), but it does help me tremendously in keeping my muscles moving because movement is something I don’t want to lose any more of. One thing I appreciate from gloving aside from helping my hands move more is that a glover can express themselves and tell a story behind their movements. Before gloving, I thought that writing is the only art form in terms of telling a story. My goal one day is to express myself and incorporate the art of gloving with the art of writing to tell a story.