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Glove4Glove - Chelsie


We had the pleasure of sitting down with Chelsie Hill, the founder of the Walk & Roll Foundation who is one of our partners at The Glove 4 Glove program by EmazingLights. Chelsie has been a multi-talented individual since the age of three years old. By the time she was four years old she was competing in national dance competitions and quickly making a name for herself at a young age.

It was a rare occurrence for Chelsie to walk away without an award or winning first place, all of which changed up until the date of her accident. Her entire life is focused around dancing, it was her main focus and she loved nothing more than being on a stage to entertain a crowd. Fortunately her spinal cord injury did not stop her from following her dreams, it actually inspired her to create the Walk & Roll foundation with her father.

Walk & Roll has three components to their 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The first is an education program where they go into high school schools and speak on gang violence, and bullying. The second component is their wheelchair dance team, with the mission spread their love of dance. The third is when they do outreach to newly injured patients.

This is what she has to say on her involvement with The Glove 4 Glove program:

“I think the Glove 4 Glove program is amazing because a lot of us in wheelchairs feel like we can’t go out to dances, music festivals, or raves because we’re not able to jump up and down like everyone else. These LED Gloves make us feel like we’re a part of, and that’s why it’s awesome because it makes us feel welcomed.” - Chelsie Hill

By day she works at Max mobility, which is a powered assist wheelchair making it easier to get around on rough surfaces. She has also been featured on a reality show called “Push Girls” via the sundance channel. It’s about five women in who live in wheelchairs, and it’s based around their lives in an effort to show people how normal they really are.