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Glove For Glove - Aven


When Aven was thirteen, he was in a go-kart accident that left him without a pinkie and damage to the rest of his hand. He had also developed carpal tunnel at a young age. But Aven never perceived himself to have a disability. He always considered his situation as a gloving modification, helping his style develop into something totally unique.

At first, Aven had difficulty performing lightshows. He couldn’t glove for very long before the pain took over and his pinkie finger would flail around awkwardly. But Aven did not let this get him down. Eventually, he created a glove set with 9 microlights and adapted his gloving style to fit his situation.

“I ventured into the gloving world with a stubborn hand that challenged my will consistently. But my hands attuned quickly and I soon learned how to compensate by focusing on what didn't require all ten fingers.”

Further down Aven’s gloving career, the gloving scene in Colorado grew dramatically, allowing him to be inspired by others and expose himself to more people.

“The last five and a half years have really been such a transformation. My confidence has excelled, my hand-eye coordination has been tuned in, and for the most part, the numbness has gone away. I still sometimes have awkward phantom pains, but they didn't interfere with my shows at this point. I now function better with nine fingers than I ever could have with all ten. The family of friends I acquired over the years is what gloving has attributed to the most. Without these people, I wouldn't have had the consistent support that pushed me to prevail. I lost a finger, but gained so much from gloving. With the love and support of the gloving community, we really can overcome any obstacles, physical or non.”