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become a Community leader

Our mission has always has been to spread gloving all across the world. But we need your
help. By becoming a Community Leader in the Global Gloving Network (GGN), you can be the
change that brings the gloving movement into your hometown. You'll even get rewarded for it.

as a Community leader

You will join us in our grassroots mission to spread light shows throughout
your local area alongside other Community Leaders in GGN. You’ll start
small, but it can lead to big things.
  • Start meet ups
  • Form Competitions
  • Get a venue
  • Host an official
    Boss Competition

with you at every step.

Emazing will help supply your region with the tools and the
knowledge it takes to build and expand your local community.
Together with GGN, we'll create a structured, safe, and most
of all fun environment for the next generation of glovers and
light show artists to grow.

how it works

  • 1) We identify growing gloving communities and seek out leaders within them. The Global Gloving Network’s (GGN’s) Community Leaders are passionate, trustworthy people who want to take their communities to the next level.
  • 2) We help these leaders plan and execute different events and activities for glovers by supplying gloving materials and support. Every month, each leader receives 2 packages:
    • Gloving supplies for themselves
    • Gloving supplies for their community
    This is our thank you to the community, and a way of ensuring that it can stay active and strong.
  • 3) Once a region is up and running, we work with Community Leaders to bring unique experiences to their communities. Official BOSS Competitions, flying out top glovers, or even flying out leaders from other regions.
  • The ultimate goal of GGN is to create a truly connected international light show community. And it starts with you. Follow the "Steps To Apply" below to get started.
  • StepsTo Apply

  • Fill out the application
  • Gather 15 people for a
    glover meetup and
    take a picture.
  • Represent or create a
    local Facebook group
    of 50+ glovers.