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Getting Started
Your guide to joining the light art movement
Which flow art is right for you

Gloving is an art form that can be taken anywhere
and allows you to push your creative limits
through the lights at your fingertips with
thousands of others around the world

What is gloving Selecting a glove set Tutorials Shop glove sets

Poi is an artform that utilizes rhythmic body
movements to spin a tethered LED pod to create
mesmerizing geometric light trail patterns

Shop poi
Levi Wanding

A Levitation Wand is a flow prop where the
user gracefully dances and spins their wand
around themselves to create mysterious and
hypnotic light trail illusions

Shop Levi Wands

A PixelWhip uses clear fibers to display bright and
colorful light trails while the user dances, loops,
and swings the whip around their body

Shop the pixel whip

Orbiting is an artform that uses hand-eye
coordination to spin a shining LED disc in
circular patterns to create stunning shapes
out of colorful light trails

Shop Orbits

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