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Facemelt Crew

Who is the Facemelt Crew?

The Facemelt Crew is a select group of the world's top glovers, orbiters and other light show artists chosen to represent EmazingLights at major festivals. Their mission is simple: spread love for lights and melt faces.


The Facemelt Crew has been to festivals all over the country, and soon, they'll be all over the world. At events, you can find them hosting massive glover meetups, workshops, mini-competitions and even giveaways! Each member of the Facemelt Crew is a master of their respective art , usually an all star so meeting up with the Facemelt Crew is a good way to Level Up or even trade with one of your gloving idols.

What you get?

Each member of the Facemelt Crew should be well equipped to spread light shows across the festival. The Facemelt Crew's goal is to create new glovers, orbiters, and other light show artists through inspiration.  

Facemelt Crew Members receive:

A FMC Jersey
Free pairs of whites
Free batteries
Business cards 
A select few crews of the many Facemelt Crews each year will actually receive free tickets to the festival!



What you need to do?

Each Facemelt Crew is required to capture at least 1 group photo and plan a flow arts meetup for each day of the festival. Team members are allowed access to the EmazingLights Snapchat account and post to share the fun. Light show artists chosen for the Facemelt Crew are required to stay near the designated totem and spend majority of the time together. 

How Do I Join?

The Facemelt Crew is comprised of the region's elite glovers, orbiters and other light show artists, who are leaders within their community. Team members can only be selected for the roster by Level 2 GGN Regional Leaders and licensed store owners. Getting chosen to be part of the Facemelt Crew is like getting picked for the light show All Star team. The Crew picks you.

You can check out the Adventures In Facemelting Documentary Series, where we follow the world's top glovers to festivals across the country, taking over the crowds as Facemelt Crew

Upcoming FaceMelt Crew Events

Imagine Festival 2016
Voodoo Festival 2016

Where have they been?

Electric Forest - Rothbury, MI

Counterpoint - Georgia

EDC Las Vegas - Las Vegas, NV

Escape from Wonderland - San Bernadino, CA

Euphoria - near Austin, TX

LED Anniversary - San Diego, CA

Imagine Festival - Atlanta, GA

Suwannee Hulaween - Live Oak, FL

Lightning in a Bottle - Bradley, CA

Mysteryland - Bethel Woods, NY

Nocturnal - San Bernadino, CA

OMFG 2013/2014 - San Diego, CA

POP NYE - Oakland, CA

TomorrowWorld - Chattahoochee Hills, GA

Hard Summer - Pomona, CA


If you're not in the Facemelt Crew yet, there is still a way to join in on the fun and get your chance. Glovers, orbiters, and light show artists looking to join the Facemelt Crew can join the Facemelt Crew Family by purchasing the Facemelt Crew Fam Package (below). Members of the Facemelt Crew Family, can wear their t-shirts to festival meet ups and will be noticed by the crew as prospective Facemelters. The Facemelt Crew could always use a few more Facemelters to help out, so Facemelt Crew Family members can be there to support and get their name out there!