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3.2 Stacking

Stacking is placing one hand on top of the other over and over again in different variations so it gives your hands a look like they’re being “stacked.” Stacking is one of a small number of concepts that has no clear origins in any other dance style. It’s a popular entry level gloving move as it’s easy to learn and build off of while also teaching you hand coordination, rhythm and isolation.

The Move [How To]:

Where You’ve Seen This:

emazinglights gloving tutorial stacking method example  emazinglights gloving tutorial stacking method tutorial  emazinglights gloving tutorial stacking method

Why You Need to Know It:

It’s a basic and it’s not hard to learn. It’s a great and easy way to learn hand coordination and is a small move that you can flawlessly integrate into transitions in your shows.

Who Uses It:

Ayo? Mimik, [PM] Cypher, Ayo? Boo

Other Tutorials:

Stacking Tutorial by Sharky

Team Blink Z Stacking Tutorial

NeonTiger Stacking Tutorial



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