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3.5 Liquid

Liquid is the following of one hand with another along a line so that your hand and body seem to move like flowing water. It’s the move that gives glovers “flow” and allows you to smoothly transition from one move to another. It’s an absolute gloving essential.

The Move [How To]:

Where You’ve Seen This:


Why You Need to Know It:

It’s another essential. You need it to transition from one move to another properly and to give your shows a real light show feel.

Who Uses It:

Stasis, Blitzen, Cypher, Teddy, Slayer

Other Tutorials:

In-Depth EmazingLights Liquid Tutorial

Micky’s Liquid Tutorial

Frosty’s Classic Liquid Tutorial


Advanced Liquid, Liquid Dancing, Liquid Tutting, Liquid Box

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