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3.1 Finger Tutting

You may have seen this one around before. Finger Tutting is a popular dance style based around creating angles, shapes and boxes with your fingers practiced by many dance crews (Jabbawockeez, Les Twins, etc) and even some celebrities. For gloving, it’s an essential. Entire teams and styles are based around Tutting and every top glover integrates it into their show in at least a small way.

The Move [How To]:

Where You’ve Seen This:

taylor swift finger tutting   finger tutting tutorial   finger tutting example


Why You Need to Know It:

Every glover integrates Finger Tutting into their style.

Who Uses It:

JayFunk, Gambit, JBake, Vex, Youngblood, Lalaby, Rhapsode, almost everybody

Other Tutorials:

Sharky's Tutorial

How to Finger Tut by FlibityBop

Finger Tutting Tutorial by Jayfunk & Fiasko Daniels


Wave Tutting, Tutting, Creatures

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