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3.3 Finger Roll

The Finger Roll (technically known as the "Finger Wave") is the first gloving basic. It goes into every move and every style. The strength of your finger roll makes learning everything else easier as it also builds up finger strength.

How To Learn Finger Rolls

Where You’ve Seen This:


Why You Need to Know It:

The Finger Roll & Finger Wave are considered to be the most basic foundation of all Gloving techniques. The movement is used in lots of other concepts, and is essential to most Glovers

Who Uses It:

Mimik, Anti, Blitzen

Other Tutorials:

Alternative Basic Finger Roll Tutorial

Let’s Throw Lights Finger Roll/Wave Tutorial

Intermediate Finger Roll Tutorial


Overhand Finger Wave, Infinite Finger Roll, Fingerstyles ‘Finger Roll’

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