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3.4 Figure 8

The Figure 8 is the up and down movement of your hands in a Figure 8 motion using the rotation of your wrists. The Figure 8 is an old-school classic. Not many glovers use it anymore, but it’s a great move for teaching wrist flexibility and hand movement.

The Move [How To]:

Where You’ve Seen This:

emazinglights gloving tutorial finger 8 method example  emazinglights gloving tutorial finger 8 method tutorial  emazinglights gloving tutorial finger 8 method gif

Why You Need to Know It:

It’s a great and simple way to teach your hands to follow one another and wrist motion.

Who Uses It:

Trippz, Boo, Mimik

Other Tutorials:

In-Depth EmazingLights Figure 8 Tutorial

K-Skye’s Figure 8 Gloving Tutorial

Alternative Figure 8 Tutorial


Liquid Figure 8, Liquid 8, Split 8

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