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3.0 Gloving Tutorials - Beginner

Every move you need to know to get started. These moves and concepts provide the foundations for almost all other moves. Some of them are difficult at first, but once you nail them, it all gets a lot easier.


An easy concept to pick up, but can develop into something very advanced. Learn to make cool shapes and boxes with your fingers for a gloving and dance basic. You might have seen some popular dance crews or celebs like Taylor Swift perform this one before...

Finger Tutting ->


A basic gloving move that’s easy to learn. Teaches you rhythm, coordination and isolation.

Stacking ->

Finger Roll

The essential gloving move, the finger roll takes a little time to nail, but has applications in every gloving style and almost every other gloving move out there.

Finger Roll ->

Figure 8

A basic gloving move that teaches wrist control and hand independence.

Figure 8 ->


A popular dance style adapted to gloving. It’s what gives glovers their “flow” and seamless movement.

Liquid ->

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