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5.3 Mode Switching

Mode switching is the act ofchanging your mode to a different color and flashing pattern selection in the middle of a show by either clicking the buttons on the lights, or an accelerometer trigger. Mode changing is effective for accenting speed control, like when glovers switch to a blinky set during slow, more technical times, and switching to a much more trail inducing set during faster motions.

The Move [How to]:

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emazinglights gloving tutorial mod changing methodemazinglights gloving tutorial mode switching method

Why You Need to Know This:

Mode changing keeps your viewer on the edge of their seat. Knowing how the modes on your lights are laid out is crucial for this technique, as you must be able to anticipate what’s coming next. Simple things like changing colors or patterns really introduce a wow factor for your viewers, as it is often unexpected.

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Flow, Materia, Ice Kream Teddy

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