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5.0 Advanced

The hardest and most advanced moves and concepts recommended for glovers with over 1-year experience. Very few besides the scene’s top glovers have mastered all of the advanced concepts. You’ll want to learn these if you’re aspiring to be one of the very best.

5.1 Flails

A concept that really takes advantage of both speed control and hand placement, Flails give the illusion of a fast motion circle being thrown at the viewer. Learn to use Flails in your performances to really wow your audience!

Flails ->

5.2 Conjuring

An old-school based around clicking your lights on & off to give the illusion of the lights teleporting, or being manipulated directly by the glover.

Conjuring ->

5.3 Mode Switching

A necessary "concept" that is more of a functional basic. This tutorial will teach you how to change your modes easily mid-show, letting you surprise your viewer with new patterns/colors, and use your entire gloveset to your advantage.

Mode Switching ->

5.4 The Grid

A structured representation of the space in front of you. An absolute necessity for any glover to help build awareness and increase the precision of your movements.

The Grid ->


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