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About Us

EmazingLights is pioneering the new Gloving Movement into a skillful expression of art.

What began as a simple LED toy for music festivals has evolved to inspire a community of highly talented Light Show artists. Our Glovers constantly work to innovate and expand the art form because they are so inspired by its uniqueness - for many, Gloving opened doors to creative expression in ways they had never imagined before.

"We Inspire Creativity and Empower Self-Expression."

It takes practice and dedication to master the intricacies of Gloving, and the community is constantly innovating and collaborating to enhance the Gloving experience. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best products and environments for people to learn, practice and trade Light Shows. We sponsor local events like Friday Night Lights, BOSS Competitions, and the International Gloving Championship; regional events around the continent; and massive online networks that reach across the globe. With everything going on in our scene, Gloving has left its mark on the artistic community, and it has so much more room to grow.

"Your hands are the paintbrush, and your imagination is the canvas."

At EmazingLights, we support all Light Show artists: Gloving, Orbiting, Poi and more. We are a tight-knit group that works closely to produce the ultimate shopping experience for our customers. Our team consists of the most knowledgeable light show artists who practice with and test our products every day. We only provide LEDs, accessories, and apparel that we personally use and trust, as we understand the frustrations of knock-offs.