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  • General Gloving View More

    General Gloving Questions
    1. Beginner Tutorial
      Beginner Tutorial
    2. Intermediate Tutorial
      Intermediate Tutorial
    3. Advanced Tutorial
      Advanced Tutorial
    4. What is an eLite?
      elite elite elite
  • Building a Glove Set View More

    What lights are for you? Wanna create something creative? Find out everything about building a glove set here.
    1. Glove Sizing Chart

      Gloves come in a variety of choices and sizing/styles are all based on personal preference. The majority of top glovers use white gloves because they allow viewers to really appreciate the movements of their hands while they are controlling the lights. Other styles include black gloves with white tips, fuzzy gloves and slim-fit gloves.

      Please refer to our [sizing chart] to guide your purchase.

      Check out our gloves here:

    2. How To Place Lights In Gloves

      How Do You Place Lights In Your Gloves?

      Your gloves are your paint brush and every glover chooses how to wear their gloves based on personal preference.  Before putting your gloves on, decide whether or not you are going to glove with the lights on the top or bottom of your fingers.

      Tip #1: Experiment with your lights facing in different directions – it may take some time to figure out what is most comfortable for you). Make sure the buttons or switches are all facing in one direction to ensure you can turn your lights on and off without any issues. Once the lights are in, slip your hands into the gloves and carefully pull them on until you are comfortable. Turn them on and have fun.


      Tip #2: You can utilize palm lights by attaching double stick Velcro to your microlight and the inner palm of your gloves.


    3. Anatomy of a Microlight

      Most microlights consist of 4 separate parts:

      The chip is the ‘brain’ of your microlight. Chips come standard sized based on your casings (eLite, Micromax, Inova) i.e. all eLite chips fit into all eLite casings. Chips turn your lights on and off, allow you to switch between modes and come with a variety of features based on the model you choose.

      Note: eDot microlights do not use chips and have simple on/off functionality that can be controlled by a small switch.

      Check Out Our Chips Here:


      The plastic that holds the chipset and LED bulb together and protects it from being damaged. 

      Pro Tip: eLite and eDot casings (colored and clear) can also be used to add a touch of creativity to your shows by tinting the color of your bulbs and adding an extra layer of diffusion to make your trails look bigger!




      The actual light! Bulbs come in hundreds of different styles and combinations and can be mixed and matched based off of your specific preferences!

      Check out our huge selection of LED Bulbs:


      Lights don’t work without a little electricity! The majority of microlights use CR1616 and CR1620 calculator batteries. Be sure to check which batteries work for your lights before you purchase!

      Buy batteries here:

    4. Microlights 101

      Microlight Tutorials

      Having trouble programming our microlights? Curious about how our eLite Matrix looks in action? You’ve come to the right place. Here you will find videos explaining how to use our various microlights.

  • Sponsorship View More

    Ready to step up to the big games? Think you're ready for a sponsoship? Well lets see what you want to get yourself into.
    1. EmazingLights Promoters Program

      Here at EmazingLights we pride ourselves on growing the gloving community and connecting Glovers all over! We want to be able to give you a way to promote yourself even more and get rewarded for the awesome work you do! We also created our affiliates program to help us scout out our potential sponsors from all over the world. We look to see which teams are getting the most recognition from their code's use and we reach out to the most influential teams to be apart of the Emazing family! If you think you or your team have what it takes, sign up for a code, start promoting and show us how you're doing!

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    2. EmazingLights Team Sponsorship

      First things first, we don’t usually sponsor individual glovers. Typically, we sponsor Gloving TEAMS/CREWS. We consider three things in determining whether or not a team is ready for a sponsorship: (1) YouTube/Facebook presence, (2) gloving community involvement, and (3) participation in EmazingLights gloving events. 

      It's okay if your team doesn't have a huge following on YouTube or Facebook yet. A fanbase helps, but it is not required. The important thing is that your team should at least have a YouTube channel with a good number of videos uploaded and an active Facebook fan page. If we can't see your videos, it will be difficult for us to determine your skill levels.

      Our sponsored glovers are active members of several online gloving communities. The most active online communities are on Facebook and they include Glover's Lounge, WCG - West Coast Gloving, ECG - East Coast Gloving, and Northern Lights. If you are interested in a sponsorship, we would like for your team members to be active members of at least one of these communities.

      (This doesn't apply to out-of-state gloving teams)

      We also tend to give sponsorships to teams that show up and participate at our weekly, monthly, and annual gloving events. These teams are regularly present to trade shows, interact with local glovers, and hang out.

       Once you feel that your team meets these requirements, please contact us and we can discuss a sponsorship.


      • Free EmazingLights gear!
      • Featured in official EmazingLights videos, pictures, and shoutouts!
      • Exclusive opportunities!
  • Order Assistance View More

    Want to see the status or update with your order? Making a last minute change?
    1. Shipping Info

      • First Class: $3.00 (w/Insurance: $6.00)
      • Priority: $6.50 (w/Insurance: $9.50)
      • Express: $30 (w/Insurance: $31.00)
      • INTERNATIONAL: $30

      • First Item: $4.95
      • 2 Items or More (for orders under $50 before taxes): $9.90
      • INTERNATIONAL: $30

      • Flat Rate: $35.00 (w/Insurance: $36.00)


      IMPORTANT: Please check your email for your tracking number! You can use this tracking number to get updates on your package delivery.

    2. Contact Us

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      Order Assistance
      Affiliate Assistance
      Wholesale Assistance
      DJ Inquires
      Warehouse Issues
      Vending/Sponsoring events

      If these should all link to a certain e-mail, or just please specify.

      *Please note:I feel like yes we should direct everyone at generally.. but if someone is searching through the support center for exact help I feel like we should offer them more in depth resources for reaching people. I hate when I am really looking through a FAQ/Support center trying to find an e-mail to reach the exact place I want to get to, and all they have is a general e-mail.

    3. Exchange Policy

      Exchange Policy

      At, we realize how difficult it is to order merchandise on-line, especially for first time buyers. Without actually seeing the goods in front of you, you're never really sure if you're buying exactly what you want. That's why we offer our customers guaranteed satisfaction. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return or exchange your merchandise.

      All products are triple checked through our extensive quality control procedures before shipment.

      Refunds / Exchanges / Store Credit: 

      • We must be notified of the return within 14 days of your receipt of the product.
      • The product must still be in UNUSED AND BRAND NEW CONDITION. If the product is used and breaks, we will not be able to accept it back. If opened and/or un-sellable merchandise is returned to us we cannot refund the merchandise and we will not be able to reimburse you for shipping. If the item's factory seal is broken, we cannot accept the item back. Please pack your returns carefully.
      • If the return was due to an error of ours (for instance, we accidentally sent the wrong merchandise), we will accept responsibility for all shipping costs related to the return. When shipping back the incorrect item to us, please use USPS 1st Class Mail or Priority Mail and get a tracking number. If the package is too large or very valuable, please contact us so that we may arrange the return. Your credit card will be refunded for the shipping, or store credit can be issued to you.
      • If the return is not due to an error of ours (i.e.- you ordered it and then decided later on that you don't want it), the buyer accepts full responsibility for all shipping costs plus a 15% re-stocking fee that will be deducted from your refund.
      • Package returned to us marked "Refused", "Undeliverable", or otherwise, are subject to up to a 30% re-stocking fee (This is solely to recoup our losses from charges we incur when this happens). If a package is lost or misdirected due to an incorrectly inputted address, is not responsible. We have no control over addresses typed on the checkout pages. Please make sure you have typed in the correct address.
      • Refunds are issued to back to the original form of payment used for the purchase
      • Store credit is issued to your account login and can be accessed by logging into your account.

      Apparel: Only unworn and brand new apparel will be accepted for returns, store credit, or exchanges. If we have reason to believe any clothing has been washed or worn we will send the item back.

      eGloves: eGloves are quality checked before shipment. Due to the nature of this particular product all issues with these gloves must be reported within 1 day of receiving the gloves. 

      LED Bulbs: (Not including chips) Our premium LED bulbs have a limited lifetime warranty and can replaced for free.

      If you believe you qualify for either an exchange or store credit or refund please log in to your account and under "My Account" you will see a link for Returns / Exchanges. Please completely fill out the fields and detail why you need an exchange as much as possible. RMA request will be processed within 48 hours. If it is fair and legitimate request, we will handle it immediately. Customers are responsible for shipping or dropping off return packages, but we will cover shipping fees back to your address. Please use sturdy packaging with bubble wrap or boxes to protect the shipment during shipment. 

      Please print out the RMA slip and include it in your package that you will send back to the following address:
      RMA Dept.
      240 S. Loara St
      Anaheim, CA 92802

       When we receive your package with RMA #, we will proceed according the RMA ticket and ensure 100% satisfaction!

      -EmazingLights Customer Service Team