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  • eCharge - World's First Rechargeable eLite Battery Pack for Light Gloving (Set of 2)
  • eCharge - Rechargeable eLite Battery Pack (Set of 2)
  • eCharge - Rechargeable eLite Battery Pack (Set of 2)

eCharge - Rechargeable eLite Battery Pack (Set of 2)

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Product Description

The eCharge is the ergonomic, eco-friendly, cost-saving solution to your light show addiction.

We all know that changing batteries is a pain, so we're bringing you gloving's first ever rechargeable battery pack. With the eCharge, you can glove for hours on end and never have dim lights.


With the eCharge, you'll simply find yourself gloving more. Don't worry about having to recharge when the battery is low: the eCharge keeps your lights at maximum brightness all the way until it dies. A single charge can last 10-12 hours on low powered modes and colors, or 4-8 hours with brighter, more power hungry modes and colors. Fully recharge both units in just 1 hour.

The eCharge has no effect on the functions of your eLites. Compatible with all eLite Glove Lights.

Don't Drain Your Precious Batteries

We're not saying you have to ditch your 1620s completely. When you're out at a festival, FNL, or throwing shows at IGC, coincell batteries might just make your life easier. But for kickbacks, lab sessions, programming experiments, and those times when you just can't come up on a set of batts, the eCharge has your back. Or rather, the back of your hand.

Comfort and Freedom to Move

We know what you're thinking: These are just fancy pre-wireds, right Emazing?

Wrong. We asked our glovers to throw their most aggressive, mind-melting shows with the eCharge, and there wasn't a single move they could think of that it couldn't handle. The wires are gentle on the fingers, and the battery pack feels slim and minimal, weighing in at just half an ounce. The pack also has a silicon pad on the bottom providing a comfortable, non-slip grip on the back of your hand.

Reinforced and Durable

Don't let the wires scare you. Unlike the cheapo pre-wired set you got at the street fair, this thing was built to last. We reinforced the wires at every connection point so you can whack them, yank them, and swing them around as you please. Become the first eCharge poi spinner! Kidding. But seriously, this thing is a tank.

What’s in the box?

- 2 x eCharge Units

- 1 x Dual Micro USB to USB Cable

- Instructions

eCharge - Rechargeable eLite Battery Pack (Set of 2) has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 41 reviews.