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  • Crystal Poi Set - Single

Crystal Poi Set - Single


Product Description

Details: Flowtoys' flowleash is handle and leash system that was developed for optimum performance for flowlights. It allows users to adjust and find the perfect leash length while keeping the leash streamlined and free of obstructions along the entire length of the leash - great for wraps, hyperloops and other moves that find themselves catching or tangling amidst hardware and knots. The handles are built into the flowleash. 

The crystal cases provide padding for body wraps and protect the flowlight from impacts, while diffusing the light and making it appear brighter. Facets in the crystal line up with the button to enable you to feel it in the dark. Plus you can activate and change the modes of your flowlights without having to take them out of the crystals. 


Crystal Poi: A pair of flowlights in crystal cases - soft covers that were designed for glowstickers, "stringers" and poi spinners who enjoy light-weight rigs. 


  • Leash = 20" max
  • Single Loop = 6.5"
  • Double Loop = 3"



  • Single crystal poi head w/ flowlight = 65g
  • Crystal poi w/ light and mass = 95g
  • Crystal poi w/ light and double mass = 125g
  • 1 x Flowleash
  • 1 x Crystal Case

Flow Lights are NOT included.

Crystal Poi Set - Single has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 6 reviews.