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Light up your night with our LED Orbits

Want to stock up Orbit accessories or get your LED Orbit shining as bright as the first day you got it? Look no further! We have everything to keep your flow going all night! EmazingLights has the best lithium coin batteries for the best price! We carry our very own EmazingLights CR1620 Batteries, CR2020 Batteries, and CR2450 Batteries. These coin cell battery packs are sealed in blister packs of 20. If you’re buying batteries for your orbit light toy, make sure you confirm the correct battery type.

If you need to replace a microlight, EmazingLights has the most innovative and easy-to-use light chips on the market. Our eLite and Evolution series all come fully assembled and are ready to use. Programming your orbit has never been easier with our LED lights. Every orbiter is unique and has a distinct style that may be more compatible with a certain type of microlight. These LED light chips have been made for both beginners and experienced users and we’re sure they’ll impress you.

As you keep your orbit spinning, the string begins to wear out over time. We have the perfect satin string replacement for you. We carry both 1mm and 2mm strings. Our satin strings can support up to 50lbs and are designed for smooth orbiting during even the most complex tricks.


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