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Experience the magic of a Levitation Wand at EmazingLights

Mesmerize the crowds wherever you go with the light trails of our perfectly crafted levitation wands. Featuring ultra-bright LED lights and loads of customization, you'll be able to program our flow wands to your liking, or use them right out of the box at your favorite music festivals, parties, events, or just at the comfort of your own home. Our light up wands feature a huge selection of vibrant colors and hypnotic flashing modes that make the possibilities for your custom light show endless!

Our premium light wands represent the most user-friendly and high quality LED wands on the market. If you're new to wanding, we recommend starting with the eLite Levitation Wand, an affordable option that packs a load of customization. If you're looking to go all out with the ultimate level of brightness and customization, the Astro Levitation Wand is sure to captivate not only you but everyone around you as well. Our collection of wands feature an expanded palette of vibrant colors and unique flashing patterns to keep your flow experience fun all day & all night long! Our microlight technology makes it very easy for you to program your lights on-the-fly with just a few clicks. Whatever LED levi wand you decide to choose, we guarantee that it will fit your flow art needs!

Our EmazingLights wands are engineered with the highest quality materials and feature some of the latest technology in the levi wanding scene. We've thoroughly stress-tested our levitation wands to meet the highest standards of durability, and paired that with the perfect weight to provide a balance that is optimal to your wanding experience. Our rave wands are balanced and weighted to perfection to guarantee a light and stable flow. The flow wand strings we use are constructed to be extremely durable, yet thin enough to give the illusion of levitation.

The moment you begin playing with your levistick, you'll understand the magic of these flow toys. Once you get down the basics of your magic light wand, you'll be ready to give stunning lights shows. Those around you will be struck in awe and fascination when they witness the smooth movements and vivid flow light trails that surround you. The art and illusion of the leviwand can be expressed through a wide variety of body movements. This becomes even more thrilling to watch and even perform when you incorporate music to the mix. That's exactly why you'll find raves and music festivals the perfect place to show off your leviwand skills! You won't be able to help that steal the show when you bust out your LED wand to dance and give light shows. We can't wait for you to experience the magical wand of light and find your flow! If you want to expand your light toy library or are looking for something else that better suits your flow, take our poi balls for a spin! Change up your lightshows completely with other types of flow arts. LED gloves are a classic in rave and music festival culture!

Please note that the levitation wand is designed for gentle and intentional flow including body wraps, perches, and stalls. When using the leviwand, we recommend that flow artist do not drop, knock, toss, or aggressively bounce the rave wand off their bodies or objects. This could risk serious damage to the glow wand.


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