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Melt faces at your next rave or music festival with the best LED Glove Sets on the planet!

Our premium light show gloves represent the highest quality, most user-friendly rave lights on the market. If you're new to gloving, we recommend starting with the Electro Gloves, some of the simplest glow gloves you'll see anywhere for a killer price too. More experienced glovers should look into Chroma CTRL or Element V2 glove sets, the most popular glow gloves on the market. Our Spectra Bluetooth light gloves are without a doubt, the most powerful LED gloves in the world. Program your light shows with our mobile app and explore the infinite possibilities of color options and flashing modes.

Our LED light gloves feature the highest quality materials and feature the latest technology in the gloving scene. Our eLite Glove Lights allows you complete mode customization with an expanded color palette. They are builtin with eLock battery protection, so you never have to worry about accidentally draining your batteries in your pocket. Once you grab yourself a pair of light up gloves, you'll never want to put them down!

We proudly pioneer the art of gloving into a legitimate art form and competition. Pick up some light show gloves and join the thousands of flow artists around the globe in creating these beautiful light trails! Check out our online tutorials to get the most out of your gloving gloves. Learn the many techniques from finger tutting, to finger rolling. Develop your style and share it with others. Keep an eye out at festivals for our very own Face Melt Crew and link up with experienced glovers from around the U.S!


If gloving isn't your style, find your flow with our selection of other light toys. Similar to light gloves, you can create sick shapes and intricate patterns by spinning an LED orbit. Incorporate your entire body in your light show with some of our poi balls or wrap your body in a vibrant cluster of colorful fibers with a fiber optic whip! Light shows can take just about any form. Spread the art and light up someone's night!


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