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Light glove diffusers are a small, but essential addition to your microlight accessory collection. These gloving diffusers are a multifunctional add-on to your glove set that not only create a unique shape to each light but also prevent the LED bulbs from poking holes through the tips of your gloves. Today, most glovers are reluctant to throw a show without a set of light diffusers on. The Standard Diffuser comes in 3 different variations: open, closed, and premium. One of these types come as the default diffuser with every LED gloves purchase. Nobody wants to have generic light shows, so we recommend you upgrading to our custom LED glove diffuser shapes. Leave people in awe from your glove light shows when you upgrade your diffusers to one of our unique shapes. Your lights can come in a variety of looks that include: Dome, Popcorn, Cube, or Shield. You’ll have to get used to the feel of these larger diffusers on your fingers, but it’s extremely worth it once you get the hang of it. The EmazingLights diffusers will take your light shows to the next level and have you melting the faces of your rave fam like never before!


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