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The eLite Glove Light series leads the market in gloving and beyond. Each glove light includes not only the light but also two 1620 Batteries, a clear eLite 4.0 Casing, a Standard LED Diffuser, all fully assembled and ready to use. The range of applications for our LED Glove Lights is nearly endless. Put them in light gloves, orbits, levitation wands, glow sticks, poi and more, and instantly become the life of the party. These EDM lights were engineered with years of research and development alongside our team's pure love for light shows. There is nothing more satisfying to us than to see the smiles that light shows create. The passion that we put behind our products is instantly transferred to those who use them. Pick up some glove lights or a LED Orbit and see for yourself! Our glove lights have been designed from the ground up to offer the best user experience on earth. All eLites are cross-compatible with the Zero Orbit, Orbite X3, eLite Flow Levitation Wand and eLite Flow Glow Sticks. These EDM lights are perfect for festivals or parties.
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