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At EmazingLights, we provide the highest quality, most user-friendly light gloves on the market. If you've never used LED light up gloves before, we recommend trying out the Electro LED Glove Set. If you're an avid glover, you'll have to check out our top of the line motion reactive glove set, the Element V2. Rave gloves represent a staple art form in the music festival and rave scenes. We make it our mission to pioneer the art of gloving into a legitimate art form and competition. Begin gloving and unleash your full light show potential with some of the best glove sets on the planet. Our light glove sets feature hypnotic, multicolor light patterns that are easily customizable for any event. With multiple flashing patterns and a variety of different colors in each set, there are tons of possibilities for customization. Make each of your rave gloves unique to your own style. Show off your skills with your new LED light up gloves at parties, music festivals, clubs, etc. -- the choice is yours. Each one of our glove sets is easily replaceable. If one of your rave gloves becomes dirty or damaged, easily swap and replace your light up gloves to ensure your flow stays fresh. Even if gloves aren't your thing, we offer a curated selection of poi balls that will light up your next event and mesmerize your audience. With a click of a button, watch as the beautiful colors and patterns of light come to life and dance before your eyes.


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