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The more you glove, the more we'll be seeing you here! Eventually, your gloves will get dirty. Your batteries will die. You might get tired of your your clear casings or your standard diffusers. Not to worry, we carry all these gloving essentials and more. Our coin cell batteries come in individually sealed packages so they're guaranteed to be at full power on arrival. Or check out the eCharge, gloving's first rechargeable battery pack. When your gloves wear out, pick up some extra magic stretch gloves for maximum cleanliness and elasticity. No one likes getting light shows from dirty gloves! Slim Gloves are another great option for a sleeker and brighter look to your light show. Check out our Premium Diffusers, colored eLite 4.0 casings and eLite Decals to personalize your lights even more! Find replacement cotton gloves, LED glove parts, batteries, casings, diffusers and more to keep your light shows clean and on point.