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  • Spirit LED Flowlight

Spirit LED Flowlight


Product Description

Flowtoys designed the Spirit LED flowlight from the ground up for enhanced performance, combining the latest technology and components with high-impact plastics to create the ultimate LED glowstick. Embrace the spirit element with the dreamy blues, purples, and pinks of the Spirit LED Flowlight. Great for glowsticking, performance, martial arts, concerts, bicycling, camping, mood lighting, fashion accessory and urban ninja gear.

Spirit LED Flowlight: High-tech LED lightstick with 11 light modes.


  • Sold individually
  • Length= 130mm
  • Diameter= 23mm
  • Weight= 37g with Battery

Batteries: Each Spirit LED Flowlight runs on 1 AAA (not included) at full brightness throughout battery life - does not dim.

Recommendations: For even more customization, pick up a Flow Leash wtih Handle and Crystal Case for each Flowlight to POI!

Spirit LED Flowlight Modes

Breathe: Peaceful, ambient lighting that slowly fades in and out at a rate similar to the breath of someone in the middle of a deep sleep cycle.

Bliss: LED lights blissfully fade in and out independently of each other.

Bold: The brightest mode with full power LED lights.

Beat: A consistent, trippy effect with strobing light patterns.

Beacon: A pulse mode that serves as a good item or camp marker with all LEDs pulsing at the same rate as the heartbeat of a healthy person at peace.

Bling: A stunning, strobe pattern with 2 alternating colors.

Beads:A bright strobe pattern with 2 colors alternating and mixing to resemble a beaded necklace.

Blaze: This mode leaves trails that resemble comets shooting through the air.

Bounce: Delightful bands of light sparking in unpredictable patterns.

Booyah!: The most intense trippy mode. some say the trails look like shifting gears.

Bounty: This mode cycles through all the other modes (except for beacon), displaying each for 11 secs.

Spirit LED Flowlight has a rating of 4.57 stars based on 12 reviews.