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Humans have been practicing flow arts for centuries. In recent years, LED technology has progressed to the point where it can truly illuminate and enhance these historic art forms like poi, hula hooping and more. At EmazingLights, we create innovative LED flow arts that are on the cutting edge of technology. We make it our mission to provide flow arts and LED rave toys at a great price that are bright, beautiful and vibrant. EmazingLights is making strides in supplying only the best rave lights on the market for flow artists who love to paint the darkness. These light up rave toys are made by flow artists for flow artists.

Discover flow arts like led poi, glowstringing, levitation wands, light up toys and more! Once you start, you just can’t stop. Whether you’re spinning poi or creating magical light trails with your flow wand, it’s hard to stop the flow of these LED light toys. Every flow artist knows how much practice it takes to master your craft. If you’ve put in the hours, it’s only natural that you’re going to need some replacement flow parts when they get a little banged up. We’ve got all the pod poi parts you’ll ever need to just keep spinning. Keep your poi spinning with our replaceable poi equipment. For all you wizards out there, be sure to try out Clear End Caps for your Levitation Wand for brighter and more vivid light trails. Whatever it is that you need, EmazingLights has you covered so you can always glow with the flow.