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Wrap yourself in the stunning lights of our Fiber Optic Whip

Our fiber optic light whips will take your rave and music festival experience to new heights. If you've been to a festival before, you've definitely seen a lightshow, but these aren't only created with LED gloves! Get creative and explore the possibilities of our light up whips. You'll begin to learn a new way to enjoy festivals and dance to the music! These LED whips use 360-degree ball-bearing technology for the smoothest flow possible. With complete flexibility, you can use every part of your body to wrap around and discover new light trail paths.

There are a ton of vibrant color options to choose from and hypnotic display modes. Our LED fiber optic whips give you the power to create lightshows that are unique to you! Figuring out what colors and modes you prefer can take time, but the onboard memory will save your favorite settings so you can jump back in and out of your lightshow seamlessly! The FiberFlies PixelWhip rev4 is 6 feet long and feature tapered fibers to texture your lights as you flow. The fiber optic lights are super efficient and will last all night with a full charge. Silicone lubricant can be applied to maintain the fibers to make your flow as fluid as possible. Our fiber light whips are built to last and constructed for maximum durability.

Want to blow minds with other flow toys? Your flow might feel better when you spin with some LED poi balls. If you're looking for something smaller in scale, but still capable of mesmerizing people, try creating some wicked shapes and light trails with our LED orbits!


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