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Popcorn Diffusers - 10 Pack

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Premium Diffusers

Burst into new dimensions! This diffuser's 6-headed Popcorn design funnels your light into 6 distinct directions while adding size and texture to your trails.

All Premium Diffusers are designed for the modern glover, keeping in mind a perfect fit for your hand and creating a unique light trail manipulation.

Choose Your Trails

We live in an age where glovers can be found practically anywhere, often when you least expect it. Sometimes you just want to break away from the rest of the hand-wavers out there and customize your glove set to represent YOU.

We respect that. So we've set out to transform your light show into your personal creation, fingertip to fingertip. Premium Diffusers make your trails, yours.

Premium Diffusers make your trails, yours.

  • Create unique light trail shapes
  • Diffuse clear or frosted LED bulbs
  • Fit onto any microlight
  • 2x the size of standard diffusers (Dome & Popcorn)
  • Designed with comfort in mind
  • Uses Clear Gel for maximum brightness

What's Different

Team [e] Blitzen always asks for Popcorn Diffusers when we bring her in for video shoots. They create a sick 3D trail, and the fit is perfect. When your hand is in the glove, the bottom two heads of the popcorn will rest securely at the tip of your finger. Once you turn your light on, you'll notice the separation of the light within each of the 6 popcorn chambers bouncing around each other like a mini disco ball. Multiply that by 10, and you've got one trippy light show.


Simply put, these diffusers are dope. Grab a pack today, you won't be disappointed!


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