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Glovetrotting Through Southeast Asia with Shaman

Ever wish you could quit your job and travel the world doing what you love? I fantasized about it for years. My name is Lemuel Sison, aka Shaman; and after a near-death-induced epiphany, I realized that life was too short not to. Around the same time, I found myself freezing in line for a Halloween warehouse rave, where I bought my first pair of glow gloves from a sketchy van in the parking lot to keep warm. Little did I know the impact it would have on my life, changing its course forever. 


Face from the Crowd: Allazo the Backflipping Orbiter

While many glovers and orbiters focus on up close and personal details, this Minnesota orbiter combines his orbiting abilities with self-taught hip hop dance moves to create a multi-layer light show. Allazo’s running backflip videos have added a recent buzz to the art of orbiting, which have drawn both praise and criticism from his peers in the orbiting community.


The Flow Garden Will Change The Game for Festival Gloving

UPDATE 9/1/15: Today we received word that One Tribe Festival has been indefinitely postponed by ID&T. Unfortunately this means that our Flow Garden must remain a dream until further notice. I just wanted to say thank you to all those that have reached out and offered your time and materials to help make our vision a reality. The Flow Garden is going to happen. We are committed to finding more festivals that want to work closely with us to make gloving and flow arts a celebrated staple in music festival culture. Keep your eyes peeled!


Cover All The Lights – Bloggers Wanted!

So you’ve read a couple of our stories here and probably thought, hey, this is one of the first blogs I’ve ever read that actually matters to me! Heh. Winning.

But I bet you weren’t thinking you’d be able to blog for us. If you’re reading this, you’ve already passed the first test: you’re a huge fan of gloving, light shows or flow arts. Now for the second test: if you’ve made it this far, you can read! Excellent. Now, the question is, can you write?