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The 10 Step Path to IGC Stardom

In light of IGC coming up this Saturday, we decided to conduct some highly intensive research on the gloving community. What we found is that our competitors have all followed this exact 10 step formula to gloving stardom. Study up boys and girls!

Competitor Tickets are sold out, but you’ll need to grab a Spectator Ticket if you want to see the madness that is IGC this Saturday in Santa Ana, CA.


(PM) Ice Kream Teddy on IGC and Becoming the Most Accomplished Glover in History

With  IGC only 9 days away, we caught up reigning champion [PM] Ice Kream Teddy to gain insight on his mentality leading up to the tournament, his thoughts on the competition, and his place in gloving history.


[MOB] Vex: “The Glover Vault” – Featured Video Breakdown by Ice Kream Teddy

Welcome to Issue #3 of my Video Breakdown Series. Today, we go into the vault, or rather, [MOB] Vexgoes into the vault to recreate three shows from the 3 different glovers who have inspired him along his journey to the Gloving Olympia: Ayo? Trippz’s 1st “Matrix” Light Show, My “Tropical Paradise” Light show and Vixen’s “Custom” light show. Three very different styles, and yet the young Jedi has managed to capture all three, while putting his own spin on with finesse.