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The OG of OG's: Skittles

When people look back at gloving history, Davis Duong (aka Skittles) will be remembered for putting gloving on the map. He was the first glover ever to eclipse 1M+ views on YouTube, allowing the art to reach new eyeballs around the world. Skittles is one of the few glovers to pioneer a full-blown style and movement, and currently leads The Impact Asylum–a Facebook group of light show enthusiasts dedicated to Duong’s very own style calling impacting. As one of the first EmazingLights Sponsors along with Mimik and Gummy, his contributions to the gloving community, his thought process behind gloving, and his “OG” flow continue to inspire both new and old generation glovers.


10 Things Every Glover Goes Through

Share if you know these feels.

1. You get mad when people flail their hands randomly when you say you’re a glover.


3 Famous Battles In Gloving History

IGC is THIS WEEKEND! Are you excited? You know I am since I’ve been mentioning it in every piece you’ve seen from me recently….

But now, IGC is here. It’s the event we have all been waiting for, the big one, the SuperBowl, the World Series, GloverMania if you will. This is the time when the best glovers in the world step up for their chance to show the world what they can do and have a great time in the process.