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Gloving Competitions

IGC Returns 2018: Online Format & $10,000 Grand Prize

The International Gloving Championship has been a staple in the world of gloving & light shows since its inception in 2011. We’ve run IGC once per year here in Southern California, which brought roughly 500-800 people on average, and offered up some of the largest amounts of prize money to be offered in competitive light shows.


Lights On! Swaps Fan Voting for Fully Judged Format

Since we announced the “Lights On!” competition a few weeks ago, there’s been one common concern that has come up–the competition being a popularity contest. We heard you loud and clear and we’re making the changes you’ve asked for.


IGC 2016 Legends - Vote for your Community Legends

IGC Legends 2016 Bracket consists of 16 Competitors who will be competing for a $2500 Cash Grand Prize (+ a few extras).

NOTE: IF YOU ARE VOTING BELOW, PAGE NUMBERS ARE TEMPORARILY BROKEN. There are 21 Community Legends. You can look through more than the first 10 of them using the “Sort” dropdown button.


IGC 2015: Looking Back

IGC has come and gone. The 5th year of competitive gloving gives us a chance to look at what we’ve built as a community and reflect on everything that has gotten glovers to this point.


The Faces of IGC 2015

Don’t worry, we’ve got full video coverage of IGC coming soon, along with an event recap article, but for now I just wanted to share some amazing photos from our friend Jason Fenmore at Oh Dag Yo Photography.


If You're Coming to IGC Tomorrow, Here's What You Need To Know

If you thought last year was crowded, you were wrong. Ticket sales are showing that The Yost will be at capacity.

For the sake of you and everyone around you – wear light, comfortable clothes and WEAR DEODORANT.


Wake Up, These 13 Sleepers Could Crush IGC This Year

With so much hype surrounding big name glovers like [PM] Cypher and [ION] Vex in the Legends Bracket, people forget that there are 128 awesome competitors in the Open Bracket. Since IGC boasts talent from all over the country, I wanted to shout out some of the top sleepers in my book.


The 10 Step Path to IGC Stardom

In light of IGC coming up this Saturday, we decided to conduct some highly intensive research on the gloving community. What we found is that our competitors have all followed this exact 10 step formula to gloving stardom. Study up boys and girls!

Competitor Tickets are sold out, but you’ll need to grab a Spectator Ticket if you want to see the madness that is IGC this Saturday in Santa Ana, CA.


Glovers to Fear in the 128 Man IGC Open Tournament

While the IGC Legends Bracket year is as stacked as ever, the Open Tournament hosts a fair share of light show monsters, too.

The Open Tournament consists of two 64-man Swiss Style tournaments. The winner of each tournament gets a spot in the main event, the Legends Bracket, where they will face 14 Legends who have each won previous BOSS or IGC competitions in a single elimination bracket.


Why The IGC 2015 Legends Are Actually Superheroes

The 2015 IGC Legends Bracket this year is entirely stacked with some of the best glovers ever. There are representatives from all over the country facing off, and each one of these guys has earned Superhero status in the gloving community. This year, the Legends Bracket is going to be a battle that will go down in history with Waterloo, Normandy and that time Loki opened a portal over NYC.