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Why Your Ego Is Holding Your Gloving Back

We all have a perception of how our art looks to others around us, whether it be positive or negative. With that perception, we construct a portrayal of how we are perceived by others, that we believe to be accurate. This self-perception, that occurs in our minds, is what we call the ego.


10 Videos Our Sponsors Watch For Inspiration

These are the shows our glovers go to for developing new concepts, combating glovers block or rediscovering flow, and each glover’s answer revealed a lot about his or her mentality as an artist.


We Followed Our Sponsors Around Socal for HARD Summer Week and All We Got Were Insane Light Shows

We interrupt our regularly scheduled feature breakdown to bring you a special recap of an amazing week we had with all of our sponsors earlier this month in the days leading up to HARD SUMMER 2015. The spark that ignited this gathering of fire started when [IM] Puppet earned a free trip to HARD, courtesy of Emazinglights, for his success in the Sponsorship Program.


(PM) Rhapsode Clinches West Victory in GMO East vs. West Tournament

In the deepest, darkest depths of the internet, top glovers from the East Coast and the West Coast battled it out in the elimination style Gloving Masters Online tournament for the title of gloving’s “best coast.”


The Facemelt Crew Hits HARD Summer 2015 With the Biggest Crew Yet

Last weekend, 65,000 bodies shuffled through the gates of the Pomona Fairplex for Hard Summer 2015, a festival that has been hyped as one of the best for music-lovers, yet one of the worst for Gloving. Among those bodies were 13 of our very best light show artists, making up the biggest Facemelt Crew we’ve ever sent to a festival.


Catch Facemelt Crew Glover Meetups at Hard Summer This Weekend

This is the biggest Facemelt Crew ever. If you’re going to HARD Summer, you absolutely cannot miss getting your face melted by this firey roster of glovers.

Remember, these guys always meet up at the BACK LEFT of the stage. On Saturday, catch them forTchami at 5:15 p.m. at the Hard Stage, then stay there for Porter Robinson who starts at 8:40 p.m. On Sunday, it’sMr. Carmack at 4:25 p.m. on the Purple