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Dreams Come True For Members of Facemelt Crew TomorrowWorld

Each day of TomorrowWorld got off to a rainy start, but by afternoon, the climate was cloudy with a high chance of light shows.

The roster, which included names like [3M] Jest from Minnesota, [ST] Torq from Florida and [EF] Vulcan from New York, bonded throughout the festival, and the trading of ideas and concepts between glovers and orbiters took their lights shows to another level. 


Community Spotlight: New York – The Rise of an Empire

The state of New York is made for light shows in all its creativity and artistry. The city is best known for its captivating lights and magnificent art culture, paralleling our own world of light and art.

One would think that gloving, something synonymous with the representation of these aspects, would already be flourishing in this neon concrete jungle. But yet, it hasn’t been, until this year.