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EmazingLights Permanently Lowers Prices... Forever!

As many of you know, I joined EmazingLights 3 months ago as their Brand Manager with the vision of spreading the art of light shows as far and wide as possible, and I’m here to let you guys know about what we’re doing to make this happen, how we were able to make it possible, and why it’s important to us.


[FU] Doc Spins His Way Through Festival Season

Doc is one of the newest Emazinglights Sponsors for Orbiting. Even though he’s new, he quickly built a reputation as one of the most technical & quick learning individuals we have on the team, teaching us a few new tricks as he came along. Since then he’s been making heavy moves and honing his craft, with next week being slotted for his 2nd takeover of LED Anniversary VI as part of the Facemelt Crew. We invited him in to film his first feature, and try out a few new designs we had been working on. Here’s what he had to say:


EmazingLights Talks Gloving with Slander

Last weekend I got the opportunity to hangout with Scott and Derek from the acclaimed heaven trap duo Slander at Moonrise Festival in Baltimore. This was a great chance to catch up since last time we saw Scott, he was throwing down a crazy set for us at the International Gloving Championship ’14, honoring his gloving roots. These dudes dished out some great advice and showed a deep passion for the music, with a common root in gloving. 


West Coast Glovers Bear Down for the Final BOSS of the Season

On Saturday August 15, 2015, the west coast’s best glovers will fight to the death for the August BOSS title and the final guaranteed spot in October’s IGC Legends Bracket. Lights will be thrown, faces will be melted and our newest sponsor [UV] Blastoff Sloth will be representing the out-of-state glovers for his 5th BOSS in a row. All this we know for sure.